Donuts!!Tacos!!Beer!! (Death Ride) REDUX!

9:45-10ish Meet at freewheel on the greenway; coffee and mingle. Wait for Trevor…
10:15ish Ride to Bogart’s Donuts via greenway and then up Bryant. Eat their donuts. Drink their coffee. 
11:30ish Bike to lakes. Ride around lakes back to greenway. Because biking through them would be messy. 
Take cedar lake trail across town to NE Minneapolis. Stop at the yacht club (12-12:30ish) for a tall boy. Breakfast is over people. We’re moving on to brunch. 

Bike to Rusty Taco. Consume their tacos. Leave about 1:30ish. 
At this point, we may negotiate a brew stop. Majority rules. Cause democracy gawdammit. 
We’ve lost our sense of time by now. Cause cyclists. Head down 5th to dinkytown. Take the extension and then cut over to river road. 
We’ll end up crossing the river and head to Omnium for their funky taco party. There we will demand funk and tacos. 
If we’re still hankering for riding, beering, or tacoing we will create a mad mad plan then. Otherwise, you are released into the wild. 
No breaking of ankles allowed. No pathleticism required. Feats of hijinxery are appreciated but not necessary. #CO2W #SaturdaySermon 

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#Bikeschool tonight 8pm CST: Motivation, Perspiration, Inspiration & Aspirations

It’s been a while since I’ve proffed a #bikeschool and this was sort of a last minute sign-up. It will be good to suit up in the tweed kit though. I had been playing around all week with possible themes and decided to open it up to the twitterati. Right off the bat someone suggested asking about the #bikeschool crowd’s motivations.

Personally, this has been a rough winter for cycling for me. I just haven’t had the drive that I’ve had in the past. While we haven’t had the snow of winter’s past here in Minnesota, the cold has been brutal. It’s been far too easy to stay curled up in bed under a layer of blankets instead of layering up and heading out the door. It’s also been pretty easy to tip back a few richer beers to wash down good hearty stews and comfort food…

That being said- there have been several jaunts out into the cold with friends- even a few longer rides. In January I went down to Vegas for my annual software conference where I get to ride the Red Rock Loop. It was gorgeous this year with blue skies and 60s. This ride usually gets me to start thinking about a few things-

  • My kits are really tight now
  • I’m breathing really heavy
  • I miss being in the sun and outside
  • I’m breathing really heavy
  • Spring is on the horizon
  • I’m breathing really heavy
  • My kits are really tight now

So, this week at #Bikeschool we’re going to do something about this. Let’s pump up the tires and put the rubber side down.

This week we’re going to explore Motivation, Perspiration, Aspiration & Inspiration.

I hope you can join me and a great crew as we roll out at 8PM CST. As always I recommend #Tweetchat or #Tweetdeck for watching the hashtag #Bikeschool. I’ll ask the questions like this-

“Q1 Do you like puppies and kitties? #bikeschool”

And you tag your answers with either an A or a Q like this-

“Q1 Hell yeah I like puppies! They’re delicious! #bikeschool”

See? It’s easy! Tweet to you tonight!


What a Dumpling!

We took our first cooking class ever last night – “What a Dumpling!”

Amanda got us a cooking class at Cooks of Crocus Hill for xmas this year so we hot footed it across town to the Edina location. I know… Edina. Uhg.

The class was great! Stellar! Fun! All dumpling fare!

There was a Bao, a German dumpling in maple bacon – I’ll say it again: maple bacon – an egg roll (eh- technically not a dumpling but ok) and a delicious Gundi which was soft with bits of chicken mixed in and floating in a chicken broth – for sure on the first to do list. I wanna make the Bao again too because I don’t think it was that great last night but mostly due to execution. I also wanna make the filling more juicy and shredded.

Terry Zila – the instructor – was vibrant, informative and entertaining. He kept up a good blend of demonstration, instruction, participation and discussion. He was very open to questions outside the realm of the class. He even had some advice for our Zoodles.

The other participants were really enthusiastic too. There was lovely little man visiting from up state New York who just happened to wander into the store and then signed up for the class on a whim. Some of the folks may have had too much wine… not saying who- but looking at you lady from Red Wing…

At times it was a little rushed but I get it. Can’t be there all night.

All in all- it was a great time and I’d definitely do it again. Maybe something like Japanese or Middle Eastern.


High above the silver shore, Ned gazed down the side of the sheer cliff trying to make his eyes adjust between the dark night sky and echo of the moon on the rolling waves below. Midway to the bottom, a warm glow seeped into the night. When the winds grew calm, occasional laughter would lift its way up along with the low rumble of men’s voices.

Ned steadied himself with a hand in the low grass at the edge of the cliff as he knelt. He could feel the dew form. He turned his head back towards his own encampment just a mile or so away. The winds were calming and the taller grass through which he’d approached were only bobbing to and fro gently. It was time to start back. He’d seen enough and could report with all earnest and confidence that the band which he sought was indeed taking rest in the cliffs’s caves.

The only question remaining was whether her highness was among them.

Snail Lake

First Snow 2014

Of course we were all a buzz about it. Minnesotans seem more panicked about snowfalls in recent years. We’ve allowed modern times and rhetoric laced with “arctic”, “plunge” and “vortex” seep into our winter lexicon and it’s now poisoned our stern resolve when winter hits. We used shrug and say “Oh, well” but now we run out to Target like panicked squirrels.

For me the first snow is like a Christmas gift from your Aunt. It’s a gift – which is exciting – but you know it’s still gonna be kind of shitty.

So it’s back to #winterbiking. We put away the road bike. It has its home on the rollers. We get out the box of deep cold coverage- the lobster gloves, the 45Nrth boots, the balaclava. We cover ourselves in merino and felt lined super suits. Ready yourself for that first 1/2 hour or frozen fingers and toes.

Monday it was actively snowing. It took a bit to get home from work and I had to hurry my ride because my girlfriend was coming over that night. We usually get together Mondays.

I squirmed into my tights and got out the ol’ boots. Lights were charged. Ready to rock.

I rode my “new” Surly 1×1 that I picked up this summer. I didn’t change out the tires to studs yet. I figured the snow was fresh and it wasn’t too cold so I would be good.

None of the bike trails were plowed though so I was forced to ride in the street for most of the ride which is pretty nerve wracking this early in the year. It’s dark and cars aren’t yet used to driving in this kind of weather quite yet either.

Last night’s ride was much cooler. The trails had been plowed at some point so there was only about 2 inches of snow down. It was pretty roughed up in places- especially along the roads- but once I got into the Snail Lake Regional Park it was awesome. The only sound I could hear was the snow cracking under my tires and my own whispered singing. I think I started in on The Sound of Silence at one point.

It just felt good to be out. The major hiccups were my lights and cleats. My front light was immediately flashing at me for the battery indicator. It’s a 300 lumen Serfas that’s a couple years old. It might need replacing this year. I have added a Black Diamond Revolt headlamp this year too. It’s ok. Not a whole lot of light at only 80 lumens but it helps when it’s on the high beam setting. It fits nicely into the goggle strap clip on my helmet.

The cleats are going to be a constant battle. I ended the year last year completely limp and forgot to switch them around the first night. I adjusted them yesterday but it was still not right. I just can never seem to get comfy on the pedals. I might switch to platforms for the winter. The 45Nrth boots would be great on the platforms too. Just need to save my knees this winter.

Last night was great but there are still sections of snow that are just too deep for the 1×1’s 2 inch tires. So… I’m looking at fat bikes now. Yep. I said I’d never do it. But I might.

So we begin again… again.

After months off and retiring my newer site, I’ve decided to startup the ol’ site again.

I won’t bore you with the details but you can read why I migrated in the first place here. Suffice to say- I wasn’t diligent enough with the other “paid” site and it wasn’t worth keeping it up. So we’re back here on

Lots been happening and there’s a lot more to come. It’s good to be back.

Shutting Down: A lesson in WordPress

I will be shutting down soon and transitioning to a new site.

This site was my second attempt at a  blog and while I have done better than the first attempt- I am still not keeping up with it as much as I would like.

Part of this is due to the format of the site.  This is a free site which means there is very little control over the structure of the site.  There are a lot of features in WordPress that are excellent tools and make publishing a web space easy and more entertaining.  Some of the ones glaringly absent from the free account are

  • Calendar and Event Plugins
  • Isolating specific pages to specific categories
  • follower control

This last is particular troubling as there are followers that I have picked up that are invaders.  I’m not sure how but some people from my work life found out about this space (which is creepy enough) and decided to actually subscribe with their work email accounts (not smart, people). I suppose that’s a pitfall of a public web space but geesh… creepy.

So, they’ve ruined it.  Everyone out of the pool.  Sorry to see this go but ultimately the features of Free are limiting so it’s not a total loss.  A year and a half is a good run I suppose.

So, this will be the last post on here.  Shutting it down.  See ya- wouldn’t wanna be ya.

To those legitimately interested followers, I appreciate your time and patience and I hope you find me in the next iteration!

Jesse James Century 9/7

We’ll be riding the Jesse James Century this Saturday.

We’ve ridden this one before and it’s okay.  The first year was pretty bad.  They were very unorganized and some of the signage blew down in high winds.

Looking forward to doing one more century on the road bike- I plan to pretty much put it away after this though and ride the commuter the rest of the year.  We’ll do one more century after this I suppose- our Root River day trip- and I will do that on the commuter.

Looking forward to riding this weekend, though! Should be warm and humid- in the high 80’s low 90’s.  One last fling!

Cutting the Cord

I’ve Done IT.  I’ve Cancelled Cable.

Well- satellite.  Same thing.

I feel like I’ve quit drinking or doing drugs.  What now?  What will I do to entertain myself?  How will I spend my hours?

Calm down.  It’s not as bad as all that.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.  For years- in fact.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve found I spend more and more time in front of the TV.   Instead of writing, playing music, or reading- I stare at nonsense just hoping to be entertained.

I have a fairly discerning pallet for entertainment.  I’ve always prided myself on listening to good music and enjoying quality movies and tv.  HBO and Showtime have offered the best in class of the latter.  And Comedy Central’s Daily Show and Colbert Nation still offer some of my favorite moments of TV viewing after so many years.   But that’s it these days.  There’s a few other channels that I watch but I am hard pressed even now to think of them.

So, for the paltry amount of quality, I have been paying almost a hundred dollars a month for two years (last contract).   Finally, it was cheaper to call it quits and cancel the contract early.  DirectTV charges you twenty dollars a month for each remaining month on your contract.  With three months left, it was cheaper to cancel than pay one more month.

Decision Made… Now What?

This weekend was pretty easy.  There’s lots to do on the weekend.  Bike rides, chores, errands to run.  I finished the book I was reading finally.  Saturdays are typically movie nights for me anyway- Netflix or Redbox.

I’ve started thinking about content and I’m excited that now I’m choosing the content directly.  Yeah- it might suck that I have to watch the Daily Show or Colbert a day late but I was doing that most of the time anyway.

Here’s how I’m set up now:

HD Antenna for free local channels.  I like the news in the morning.  I like to listen while checking email and drinking coffee.  I’ve always watched local news in the morning so nothing changes. I’ve noticed that cars can affect the signal on certain stations- mostly PBS which sucks ’cause I watch a lot of PBS.  We’ll work on it.

Apple TV and Laptop.  I’ve been running AirParrot (I’ll have a full entry on it later) for a long time anyway.  Caught up on last week’s Daily Shows this afternoon streaming from the laptop to the ATV.  Brilliant devices.  It’s not in HD or anything but the content doesn’t need to be.

Sony Blu Ray Player.  Netflix and Amazon streaming.  Crucial.  Wish there was better and newer content available but there’s a ton of shows I’ve never watched out there that deserve a look.  I’ve never watched a single episode of Breaking Bad!

As the months go by, I’ll be saving a ton of money by ditching the dish and cutting the cord.  I’m gonna try to post any new solutions or cool providers.

For now- it’s Sunday night and that means Masterpiece Theater.  Not much different there!